Advantages of Hiring a Handyman 

If you are a homeowner, you might have encountered the term ‘handyman’ especially in the building process of your home. There are a lot of repairs in your home wherein there is no necessity to ask for a specific contractor or a service provider that is very expensive. Handyman is the service provider you need to contact especially when you are only initiating a small project or repair in your home.


Here are some of the facts that you need to know before trying to hire one.


What is a Handyman?

As generally mentioned above, a handyman is somebody who could help you deal with small repairs or jobs in your house. These professionals are almost anywhere in this world, offering you help to achieve some projects you need to finish in your house.

Hiring a handyman is an easy task especially in the advent of technology manifested through online marketing, pay-per clicks and SEO among many others. However, the hard thing to gain though is the trust of these clients. Most homeowners will not hire different handyman most of time, especially when the one they initially hired are hardworking and efficient.

Most handyman services companies are often times charge client through the cost of the materials used, as well as their expertise, experience and reputation. This is precisely the reason why, if it so happens that you have been hired by somebody in order to repair their air-conditioning unit, you need to give them everything you know in order to gain referrals and whatnot.

Now that you know what a handyman is, here are some of the positive things that hiring a professional handyman has to offer.

If a homeowner would like to enhance the aesthetics of their house such as toilet installation, room painting or plumbing, handymen are the best professional to do the job.


Cost Efficient

Hiring a handyman in order to create the small repair or renovations for your home is a better choice rather than hiring a number of service suppliers and other materials. Most if not all of the handymen are charged hourly. Meaning, a homeowner pays only a single employee in order to deliver the demanded job inside your home.

Talent fees of roofers or plumber will be strategically high, especially when there are a lot of contractors involved in the business. Hiring some handymen won’t necessarily be needing a number of suppliers to do a small job which some handymen could efficiently and cheaply paid.


Lower Payment

When you are a homeowner and you want to change the roof or repair the pipe leaks in your water system, the cheapest way possible to pursue these tasks is to hire a handyman. Hiring a contractor or supplier is good, however, it could become very expensive at the end of the day. Handymen have a dramatic difference in terms of payment. That is, hiring one will avoid you to pay some unnecessary extra number of employees or some additional finances in contrast to hiring a big company.


Skill Variety

Most homeowners will consider a specific handyman to do a particular job, especially when they already paid and experienced the kind of craft that this profession has to offer. However, this is only true when customers know who to contact for the job. This is where the benefit of hiring a handyman butts in.

Handymen are mostly knowledgeable with tons of skills to deliver. That is, when you are in need of somebody who fix your water system leak, or somebody that will do some minor repairs on your roof or door, most handyman are equipped with these skills. Meaning, you will not be needing different sets of contractors and suppliers especially when the skill of the handyman that you have researched is targeted to these tasks.



Hiring big contractors and expensive employers are okay, especially when these companies finish the job in no time. However, time will be most likely wasted on looking for different companies who are going to attend to some specific jobs.

Because professional handyman service is focused on small scale jobs such as plumbing, roofing and the likes, the amount of time that will be tackled for the duration of the job is relatively low compared to that of a big contractor. Moreover, because skills of a handyman are varied, that is they could work on almost any facet of home improvement, you will not be any more waste time just to look for somebody to fix the leaking toilet.

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Starting Your Own Handyman Home-Based Business

If you are about to start a business, one of the best home based venture is a professional  handyman business. This particular business includes home improvement services such as plumbing, electronics, or heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) among others. If you are into these services, starting your own business is going to be easy. However, there are a lot of things you need to consider in order to ensure success in the business venture that you are about to make.


To help you propagate your business in the long run, written below are some of the key information you need to be knowledgeable about especially when planning to start your very own home based handyman business. Read on!


Skills Evaluation

One of the initial things you need to think of before deciding to start investing on a home-based handyman service is to assess your own personal skills. From then, you will be able to decide what kind of services are you going to offer in your future clients.

If you have been wondering whether as an entrepreneur and a skilled worker you need to do the tasks on your own, the simple answer is no. The thing is, you can even become very profitable with offering just a limited number of services. Handy man businesses offer a variety of services such as plumbing, garage door repair or locksmith and these kinds of businesses have been very profitable over time.

When you are a handyman, you may probably know a few set of skills to deliver and will keep on widening in the many jobs that you are going to work. However, working on where you’re good at is a better option. The key is to never stop learning.


Know the Handyman Law

If you are planning to start your own version of a handyman business that is home based, you have to learn that a contractor’s license is a necessity before initializing the business. Before you get to positive with the skills and services that you are going to offer, it is important to research for information about the contracting laws present in your state, since every state is different.

You have to determine what kind of services are you allowed to deliver or better yet, you need to learn what kind of licenses you need to acquire in order to venture on providing these kinds of jobs.

When you have a broad knowledge about the law, then starting off a business will happen in no time.


Know Your Potential Customers

One of the best way to succeed in any business is to have a clear grasp on what kind of customers are you targeting. Since clients are the very individuals who could make or break your business, you need to know what the trends are or their demands for the job.

When you are a handyman-businessman who has skills on plumbing, HVAC expert or electrician, being able to serve the correct set of clients will offer a positive effect on the profitability of your services.

If you target those clients whom you made good connection with, chances are, they will be satisfied with your job and even refer your services to others. However, it will get worse especially when you do the opposite. This is precisely the reason why it is essential for you to do some research and find out the very individuals who are going to hire your services and know their demands so that you will have to reap the efforts you have made at the end of the day.


Pricing is Important

This is one of the most crucial part of starting a business. You ask yourself, how much should you really charge a customer for your service? Being able to have a good education on the financial aspect of starting a handyman business couldn’t be more stressed, especially when it is one of the most challenging part of starting a business.

There are a lot of factors you need to consider in order for you to charge just the right amount for your service. You need to consider your level of expertise, how effective are your works, the kind of professionalism that you have attained as well as the reputation that you are establishing are only few of the important matters in brewing the best cost of your service.

The best strategy to name your price right is to base it on the cost. That is, pricing your services on the amount you have spent in finishing the job, whether it is related to personal or business facts. From this, you could easily determine the hourly rate you are going to ask from your future customers.

While it is good to think about profit, success isn’t solely measure on the amount of money you produce at the start of your business. Success is a relative term, however, the best manifestation of success is the satisfaction that you give to your customers.

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